Boost your Company Employees on this ‘Christmas Day’-

Merry Christmas

On this Christmas Day, Appsquadz think little different for their Employees. We are doing gift- giving a little bit differently this year. We have a office party this year, Along with parties, Secret Santa’s, and cookie exchanges this time of year comes with holiday shopping and social events. This day we just making a workplace a fun place can help boost employee productivity. While Employee assistance program that offer Stress Management can help employees deal with the additional stress the holiday bring a little happiness. Giving Employees the opportunity to give back by participating in a charitable event is a great way to lower stress. Research shows one of the best ways to boost people wellbeing is to do something for someone else.

Boost Morale- We just making a Workplace a fun place on this day, to be boosting our employee Productivity. While Social Activities that encourage employees to get together can help boost morale. Making a Christmas Music is very melodious to listen for everyone. Office decor trends change from year to year. Christmas Decorations should create a Feeling of Magic. It’s a better way to welcome the Christmas spirit. Christmas Decorations can also bring an element of serenity and tranquillity in our life. For Many people every year we have a new ideas for the Decoration in our Office, we all have imaginative and creative ideas. The Most important thing remains a good mood and evenings by the tree.

Santa Claus is one of the most Legendary figures. The Friendly Man with a Long beard and Red coat is bringing the Christmas gifts to Children. So make some plan for some Kids who are not Financial Strong and make some joy in office with all staff members.

Some Tech Gifts on Christmas for your Office Employees to Boost up–

  • Folding Bluetooth Keyboard- A Excellent Device does have a full Layout, and it works with a ios, Android, and Windows Devices. So, this Christmas if you have a plan some surprises so make some gift to Employees a Bluetooth Keyboard.
  • GPS Watch- A smart and capable Multisport Training watch for Fitness Training Navigation, a ready for Fitness Training activity and Competition. Also track your heartbeat or something like that, and used Appsquadz app to track your Location.
  • Scrap book webpage- Around Christmas, People usually think back on all great Memories shared throughout the year. So Some best photos you can pick up and make it some webpage with full of past memories of Office and make some fun.
  • Motivational books- Just gift Some Motivational books to your Employees to be inspire and to be creative. Like “The Accidental Creative : How to be Brilliant at a Moment Notice”, or you can think another book “ The Element: How Finding Your passion Changes Everything”.
  • Plan for providing some Training Session- Provide a Training Session for all Employees on this Christmas day, something related to new technology. As everyone knows their Employee Strengths, so provide a foundation of knowledge to Grow, in puzzles, Quiz and game form. Give them some task and who will be completed on time than make some reward or Surprise gift.

Everyone has a favourite time is Christmas Vacation, and Every time I watch it always a better time to start something new, so this time we all save the energy.

Saving EnergyAppsquadz reduce the energy consumption each season. Modern LED lights will add the Glitter and sparkle to your Office and you have Exciting Christmas this year. Combine LED Christmas lights with the following to increase Electricity Savings-

  • Timers– It will be good idea, use your timer to control your lights at 2am in the Morning.
  • Extension Cords– Instead of using long Strings to add length of your Display, use some Extension cords.
  • Creative Decorating– Not everything is about Strands of Lights. Don’t forget the ribbons, wreaths, and Garland.


In a few days, the holidays will be over. In a few days, we’ll change out the Calendars. In a few days, we will never say merry Christmas the whole year but this Christmas changes your world. The holidays can be extremely hard time of year for lot of people. And if you’re feeling that way, the longest night of the year.

Fun party Games For Christmas in office – It’s a method of increased understanding between your Colleagues. Someone who hate you, hope they surprise you in a Santa dress and make some fun. Break in small teams and give them some task so a different approach will be there and also learn how to work in a team. The job of planning the company Christmas party can often seem something of an unwelcome and scary prospect. You’ll decide whether you are planning a daytime event, evening event or both. Finding a venue..? or use your own workplace. Some steps needed to create a perfect party for a Professional Event-

  • Choose arrival drinks, Sparkling wine, and Christmas Cocktail.
  • Theme will be a heartbeat of your party so use traditional Christmas, vintage and santa inspired look.
  • Making the Right Music, organised a independent sound System.
  • Food is a key part of any party, and can be easily incorporated into a theme you choose. Consults with chefs and choose a style of Food.
  • Budget will be a main aspect in any party so set your budget and enjoy the Christmas in office.

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