Mobile App Trends rule in 2016-


The growth of mobile applications continues has shown a tremendous growth in the past few years. From technologies like IBeacon, cloud computing, Internet of things etc. Smartphones users increasingly grow rapidly day by day. Lots of trends that will boost a mobile app industry. With over 10 billion mobile internet devices expected to be in use in 2016. These days app stores for android and iOS apps are really big and it’s getter bigger every single day. Today Every industry thinking about to develop a mobile app which boost their business. Competition is growing in all over the industries. A billion Smartphones will be sold by the end of 2015. The mobile phone today is not a device to make receive calls and messages. It is lot more than that in Era of Rapid technological advancements, Smartphones and tablets play a important role in pushing the mobile technology forward.

Now a days Trends in mobile app development indicates a strong focus on the following applications in 2016-

  • Social Networking mobile app- the fastest growing and most demanded apps among user.
  • Context aware marketing- improves user application services.
  • Mobile search for E-commerce- consumer experience easier and faster.
  • Mobile payment system- a booming demand on board.

Beacon and other new technologies- iBeacon is the name for Apple’s technology standard, which allows mobile apps, running on both ios and android devices. This technology was developed by Apple in the year 2013. Still lot of industry will use this technology. IBeacon technology allows mobile apps to understand their position on a micro local state, and deliver hyper contextual content to users based on location. With a iBeacon Network any brand retailer app, or platform will be able to understand exactly what a customer needs an environment. IBeacon provides a digital extension into the physical world. We all are excited to see where IBeacon Technology goes next in the few years.

Another new programming language is SWIFT For iOS, OS X, watch OS, TV OS apps that builds on the best of C and objective C. Swift adopt safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier, more flexible and more fun. Swift is friendly to new programmers. Swift combines the best in modern language thinking with wisdom from the wider Apple engineering culture. Swift is a fantastic way in future for developers and for Apple.

Growing digital Mobile payment- The development of smartphones has gone and replaced a few things we grew with up, the watch, the alarm clock, the tape recorder, music players, and it seems very soon we add cash and wallets to the list. Today Online banking and mobile commerce are frequently used these days. Digital wallet, Electronic wallet, e-wallet, virtual wallet all work the same thing.

In coming days, if your digital wallet is an ‘NFC enabled android phone’, you can tap your smartphone at the card terminal at the checkout counter, like you would your debit card. Another e-wallet like square wallet, you pay just by saying your name to the cashier. Today Google wallet and Apple pay are the leading players in this segment. But in coming months, Android pay and Samsung pay will also launched soon. This trend is continue growing in near future as well.

Security of the apps- The more e-wallets transactions are used the more threat are rising. As more internet users are on mobile first, security plays a larger role in the apps and services used in our daily lives. Another aspect is trust and loyalty with your app. Loss of reputation is expensive if users feel they are not secure with the apps. These days one time password (OTP) and phone number verification are using to safeguard the account. The OTP set to expire with in a few minutes. It is important to confirm the user identity when they sign up to your service or application so it help in security. Allowing the user to opt for mobile phone authentication every time they log in put a extra layer of security. Account recovery questions such as mother maiden name and your date of birth can’t be chosen as this is insecure due to all details will be hacked from your social networking sites.

Wearable technology-  A few year ago nobody knows what a wearable was – Fast forward to 2015 and the wearable are everywhere. Wearable technology mainly concerns devices just like glasses, belts, wrist wear, earphones, legwear, footwear, etc. It gives a new direction to the mobile technology. The craze of wearable devices is increasing day by day like Apple watch, Google Glass etc. Still Various applications like health and fitness, productivity apps, diet management and lot more devices are coming. In 2020, Millions of devices will be used in coming years. Fitness tracker are more high tech, now they monitor the heart rate and sensors are available at very low cost. Many fashion companies jump in this wearable technology with the aim of fitness focused.

Cloud Based Apps- A recent Research shows that an enterprise uses over 1,100 different cloud based apps for collaboration and File sharing. The range of Apps is creating a new environment; Cloud to Cloud solutions are set to rise in the future. Instant upgrades and improvements will be provided at any time. Speed and Flexibility will be provided at any time.

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