New Trend- App Indexing


Today Millions of Apps are there in the market, only a few attract the audience. A major reason behind this a search engines donot rank app contents very accurately. It is much difficult to search links with in an app and vice-versa, so a user go through to app stores. It is also a difficult to find an app which isn’t one of the top apps (top 30). For Developers and Designers point of view it is difficult to make any cash from an app. I hope in coming years we will have a app index just as like as currently have an index of websites.

Google has already implemented its decision to index android apps, so 15% deep links to apps through app indexing. The fast pacing app industry is changing and is providing a vast sky of opportunities. Mobile phones have already take place of computer in today’s world in terms of internet usage. App developers take help of social media sites or word of mouth marketing to create a buzz of an app. It gives some help to your apps and online marketing to gain some reputation among the customers. A page of app is not very content oriented so scope is limited. But however the developers will need SEO professionals or content Developers these days to help them a optimise content for apps.

With the emergence of app-culture, the SEO make visible an app and rank higher. An App link can help your app to come out from a huge traffic. A app link takes your customer to the desired web, page seamlessly and saves time. App indexing for both Google and Apple is another growing trend. This is a important opportunity to take advantage of your content. App store optimization(ASO) is another component that doesn’t help in normal search.

Standardised Markup- In order for a user to understand what an app does and how they can use it, they first have to install it. Establish a link between your content and your app, as well as between your content entities and the actions your apps can perform on them.

App links- If you are thinking of offering ASO to a developers, then you offering this too-

  • App links allow users to open content with apps straight from web search result and use it directly on the device rather than on the browser.
  • org can be used to help app discovery for an app based on the actions that it can perform on the content that being searched.

We have seen a slight shift take place in recent years from native apps to web apps, as Html5 and Css3 have become more widely used. For brands, it’s important that marketers understand how search is likely to shift in coming years if they compete with a optimised apps. Syndication is an important audience development and traffic driven tools for publishers. As per study, currently there are more than three billion searches/day on Google. This trend is the evolution of mobile search. This improves –

  1. Improves Search Experience for mobile users- App indexing signals a broadening of search potential. The more content is indexed, the greater the user search, experience and result.
  2. Google Drives higher engagement with apps- App indexing helps you to drive usage your app through Google.

More importantly we all understand that app indexing is a step forward in the dominance of mobile search and mobile usage. We all understand that mobile search and marketing is not an static industry. It is in motion. We all are moving towards a bigger mobile universe, a greater need to optimize mobile in every possible way.

It is possible the content inside an app doesn’t have a corresponding webpage, but in which case the app content could outrank other web pages, but it’s unlikely at this point.

In future, it’s not hard to imagine a day when Google allows developers to submit full content and meta data through the Indexing API. This opens the door for Google to begin ranking app data independently of website data. It would also help to find your app easily. Today Google is working out to solve the same issue with apps. If app search becomes great, users will be more attract to look for apps, and invest in strong app presence.


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