A Big Revolution – “E-Commerce in 2016” –

ecommerceIn the last month of this year and 2016 are just a couple of days away. The year 2015 has been extremely good for E-commerce companies set new records. More and More start-ups are entering in E-commerce space as opportunities are more growing in this sector. But there are so many companies here and only the best ones are survive. In 2016 E-commerce will further itself a major tool of sale. As E-shopping is more and more popular these days. Today, the market place is covered with several E-commerce Companies for shoppers to choose variety of options. A time saving for people today, every year number of e-commerce users increasing day by day. It doesn’t matter whether your store located at any place, with the help of E-commerce you can grow your Company at any place. It is a reality in our society. There is enough scope for online business in the future if they understand the Indian customer and their needs. Other than the customer Service and quality of the products, there are many other factors that determine the Success of any Online Business. Some of them are-

Changing the Game- E-commerce industry has played a significant role over a period of time with innovations that have changed the rules of the game in next few years. Cash On delivery is an example where many companies like myntra, flipkart, Amazon and so many other companies working on it. Ecommerce companies are still working hard to build trust among their customers; especially COD (Cash On Delievery) is the preferred payment mode for close to 55-60% of all online transactions. A rapid development in mobile technology has given way to E-commerce with many E-commerce companies shifting to app only model. Today A Start-up Company taking its first step into the online marketplace in this global competition. Availability of Wifi and other important things in public areas, like in cafes, shopping malls etc. These factors will help the user to purchase a online product at any time and at any location. India is a unique market with unique challenges. Today, Amazon has a window shopping experience, but a good mobile shopping experience is still missing. Today, Facebook and other social Media Networks are the real aspect behind online shopping. The new smartphone generation is likely to have an greater impact on Online shopping. E-commerce is only a beginning, with many more new shopping experiences to come. Today Companies also adopt E-commerce to understand the customer needs and grow their business in wide area. Appsquadz also Design apps For E-commerce companies which is easy to use and users love our apps. In Near coming days, Appsquadz will be Game Changer in E-commerce industry by providing some apps which is innovative and that can solve real world Challenges.

Upcoming Challenges-

  • Branding and Marketing- To attract people on e-commerce site and make a purchase this is most significant aspect regarding to branding and Marketing of your E-commerce company. Nothing good start without building a plan. Check your strategy, planning, and other things every week or month. Social Media is easy for a marketing for E-commerce companies, but just create and branding your product on social Media. It will help you in a new generation marketing. No doubt competition is on peak for E-commerce industry.
  • E-Infrastructural issues- In India, Internet is not available to every common man. Still far away from urban areas, E-commerce platforms gives you a number of choices what you want you buy. Another thing is quality and prices; you get your product as cheaply as possible. But rather than, as Internet is far away as E-commerce is far away from common man.
  • Touch and Feel- In previous years, Customers are more comfortable in buying products physically rather than going online. Today anyone can open a online store but some companies also open offline store in the market so that people can come to their stores.

India’s E-commerce shopping business increases day by day and the journey is likely to continue for atleast the next coming years. Customers shopping style are changing very rapidly. The craze of smartphones will help to E-commerce business to grow rapidly in the society. Over a half million Indians will switch to Smartphones from a basic phone. That will be a big Driver of E-commerce in India. Online Shopping is also start now in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Internet connectivity is still a big problem so a bit challenging in rural areas.

New Customers, New Strategies- E-commerce start-up, three strategies you should focus on them-

  1. New ways to connect – Everyone is using Smartphone as we can see a far way. More chances to connect a local people to E-commerce, as first user are connected Internet through mobile phone. E-commerce sites are able to create new and creative things for the new generation that comes to online. E-commerce market is just in starting days of business. Apps are most common used these days to connect with the people, and offerings some discount, the more choices, the different companies brands names and new experiences and so on.


  1. New Experiences- E-commerce platforms provide consumer with a wide variety of shopping things. In the case for social shopping, Instagram, twitter and other social media platforms will be used. E-commerce sites should use your data, analytics and other important information, and understand the customer needs for their near future plans. Till now Indian customer are going to market and then purchase it, but now a days life is changing, everyone can save time in their hectic life so E-commerce will play their role for everyone.


  1. New Product Selection- A big chart of product selection for users to select and choose the option. A E-commerce industry will be developing day by day. Sometimes it’s hard enough to get people to come to your website or apps don’t be frustrated. Just follow some things as you know well what products to sell, what your pricing rate, what type of audience you are targeting, branding and design and so on. So these will some strategies for being Successful your E-commerce business.

Digital Wallets- Mobile Commerce grew in the first half of this decade, several payment gateways started operations in India. A new Indian Customer adopting Digital Commerce primarily on Internet. Consumers can also use services in the wallet to validate tickets, initiate transactions, multiple services and day to day task. With the sudden Growth of Mobile payments landscape in India, the Government push for ‘Digital India week’ will be a major boom for this industry. Mobile wallet companies are coming up with more innovative ways to engage customers towards a cashless form of transaction. In near future, everyone will used and engage in a digital business.


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