Want your Team Successful; adopt some tips for 2016


As the curtain closes on another exciting year, the more responsibility for the Success of your company falls on your shoulders, but the burden is not on your alone. You hired highly skilled employees. They are your most essential Assets. Interact with them in a friendly and future prospective approach. New Year is the perfect time to refocus everyone around the company mission to ensure that employees are excited and inspired by their work. Some points which you consider and interact with your employees in a interpersonal effectiveness are as follows-

  1. Celebrate Personal and Company Milestones- Enjoy an Employee and company milestone on this new year, Appsquadz will definitely honour our senior employees and also celebrate company in top 10 apps Development, we also celebrated our employee birthday and its seems look like a blast on this new year day. The New Year brings promise, excitement and New Year Resolutions so celebrate them with all.
  2. Involve others in Goal Setting and Planning- Just talk with team members and set your future plans and set your goals with all team members and anybody if interested to invest in your business than most welcome and make a vision clear and future prospective. This approach also helps you listen better and be a better boss- because it is hard to listen while you are talking. Let everyone share their views and ideas as a means of Team Building. With a clear understanding of a company vision, mission and culture. Encourage company employees with little direction and motivation.
  3. Speak Honestly with employees about issues and topics that matter deeply to you- Most of the daily conversations are not so brief and of course it takes courage to tell others, how you feel about something, particularly about controversial issues on which you may not be confident. The key is to well informed by reading widely on the issues that matter to you, listening objectively to different viewpoints and seeking to understand what they appeal to someone.
  4. Boost Your Employees- Manage upward, if your boss is not managing you well enough or to your liking, then find positive, non-complaining ways to change this situation so that you are able to share your views with him or her. It’s the time when you give your employees a better direction, supervision, freedom, responsibity or authority. Speak up and make sure your voice is heard. Give some rewards as a ‘best employee of the year’ and ‘Best Performance of the year’, give them award and surprise gift.
  5. Transform obstacles into opportunities- Obstacles, failures and setbacks they are a natural part of life. Whatever goal we set for ourselves, whatever journey we’re on, life often has a surprise twist in store. Be it personal or professional setbacks, people actively figure out what good can be extracted from obstacles and them succeed in accomplishing their goals. Constantly measures Success and make adjustment to improve the product or organization.
  6. Support new Ideas- When employees come to you with an idea or a solution to a problem they behave is the betterment of the company, it’s a sign that they care. Encourage them and supporting new ideas and giving an individual an chance to run with it is motivating, whether it works or not in the end it not a issue.
  7. Encourage Friendly Competition- A competitive environment is help other employees to motivate themselves and boost them in a particular environment. Encourage employees to participate in competitions or challenges is healthy and may increase company growth. Give employees a evening and encourage people to enjoy this evening in a cool mood. Improve and advance the skills of employees, Employees should have regular interaction with top leadership, key executives and the CEO. Specific time with senior employees
  8. Put more into training and Development staff- This coming year 2016 Appsquadz give their employees little bit a training session and some regular classes will be schedule for their development. So a continously growth in their employees and work smarter. Positive minded people will generally keep people motivated and displaying the behaviours in the first place. Make this year your investment a long time investment in your Organization.

And Last but not least-

  1. Keep Goals in Front of yourself and everyone- Once goals are created everyone needs to be remind of them regularly. As a leader, you must help people keep their goal in mind and remind them what success looks like which means employee motivation is a key. Employees should have regular interaction with top leadership, discuss problems and give their feedback and input.

At last Appsquadz wishes you all a very Happy and Prosperous New year 2016.


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