How to create a Multi Billions dollars company?


As an Entrepreneur, you’ve probably set your goals for your company. You have to travel every month, meeting people, and sharing ideas. Surely In starting you has 8-10 people staff in a one room but every company has a path of Success was much slow as a ‘Snail’ in their starting time of period as lots of problems were arising in every company. But the main point is that who solve this problem that will be a Successful path for a company.

Prove the Idea- Your Idea will be blink in some way in your every step of your company. With the right idea you can generally raise $1 billion company. You just first launch to a particular audience for a selected area in a society. If it’s seems good result than launch to a open a whole world. Its simple means start with a exclusive group of people, get their feedback, and have a good relationship with your clients. Strong brand ambassadors will also help you to promote your company.

Market Leadership- This stage is very exciting. You’re hiring sales people and cover market as well as spending money on market and focusing on execution. Firstly you understand what Market is expecting today? Its all about hopes and dreams. Investor also want know how really big is your company? So, firstly make a Leader in a market. Good companies can also maintain their high status. This include a large Fixed costs, such as those associated with heavy manufacturing, or long term Research and Development. The Quality of its management is a big factor for a company. Experienced Management will be added advantage. They lead a company in any worse situation as well as share a ideas to Fresher’s and talented management.

Leadership can come in many forms. The level of company will describe the industry which area you have to cover. As there are many industry competes in a market. Companies will also merging with other small and Successful companies to increase their market share. There is nothing more powerful than providing a comparable services and products to the market for a lower price. In today’s environment everybody wants low priced services and products, that can attract customers for a long period of time. You have to offer new features so a large people of society will attract.

Business Model- A good business model explains your whole idea and what benefit you give to a client. Let we discuss with a example, Amazon business model, company grow at a 27 percent annual rate over the last decade to $74 billion and its stock has risen on average 22 percent a year. So its main focus in starting to run a local retailer and turn this business wisdom into a system that can be sold to other entrepreneurs around the world. You have everything in place to reach a billion. Now it comes down to execution. Never lose hope if you might fail in your plan “Never regrets, if it’s good Its wonderful. If it’s bad It’s Experience. Each stage is different and each situation is different.

In the old days of entrepreneurship, you were either Succeeding or failing. But in the past few years, thanks in the part to entrepreneurship movement, something shifted in our thinking. When starting a business you have to ready to take some crazy risks. A entrepreneur take a small step towards something they desire to achieve. These days everyone knows we also promote our business through Internet using Social media.

Some points every Entrepreneur must follow-

  1. Love what you do.
  2. Build a team immersed in your vision.
  3. Come up with a innovative ways to solve problems.
  4. Create a delightful customer experience.
  5. Quickly learn from your mistakes.
  6. Don’t be cheat, people smarter than you.
  7. Never sacrifice quality.
  8. Build reputation.
  9. Every step Never too late to start.

And last learn at every step.

Successful Entrepreneurs must follow these steps to become success in their role. They have already ready with a plan ‘A’ and if it fails, they have another plan ‘B’, so mind make up bring you so much strong position in the market and one day your company will become a Multi-Billion Dollar Company.


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