Predictions on New Tech trends for 2016


2016 is here, and what is a better way to start the year that Mark Zuckerburg resolution is wants to focus on ‘Artificial Intelligence’. In Today’s World, everyone who invests their money and time in their business, of course it would be nice to know the future. Today, Industry is changing so rapidly and 2016 will be the year for new Tech trends. Many people are returning from Overseas, because India is offering a lot of Opportunities in almost every area. Indians are intelligent whenever we talk about opportunities, they want to catch it and create a brand. Technology based product start-up will be going to spread out in all over the world.

  • Small Business Growth will continue into the New year- Small businesses are investing in the near future very smartly. In 2016, Small Business will start to take an advantage of new on demand delivery and logistic Services. Business Owners will continue to have to spend money to make it. Proper Financing increases for small business company. Its means competitiveness and their market share remain fluctuate day by day. The second half of 2015 saw a lot of discussions
  • The year of Virtual Reality- In 2016, we can expect to be increasingly surrounded by virtual reality. New virtual reality equipments are expected from major tech companies. Human beings are fundamentally social. We want to share about our day with others, someone pay attention. So A Robot will be used for this purpose. The Japanese robot company ‘Softbank’ released its first Generation of Social Robots in 2015 and all 1000 units sold out within a minute. ‘Apple’ is getting into virtual Reality too.
  • Cloud based Services mean Strong CyberSecurity- This year means in 2016, trend towards Cloud, companies will pick up speed. All Start-up Started in 2016 will be part of the ‘Cloud Generation’. Interest and consumption are beginning to stand out quickly. Companies are well known that there is a bigger difference between private cloud and public cloud. I.T Leaders are making a rapid shift in the direction of public cloud by adopting hybrid cloud. This help to business a faster growth in a lower cost. Hackers have already targeted most popular apps, like snapchat, an attack from other apps. Already hackers damage the physical damage in the offline world but experts are warning in 2016, might be attack on critical Infrastructure.
  • E-Commerce- With the platform of E-commerce constantly changing in this new Era of Technology, 2016 is going to bring further changes. It has become easier for products and brands to enter new locations. This trend means broader market diversity, and will help with growing economies. The Prediction for 2016 is that Online Shopping will be up 45% from 2015, meaning it will reach at $330 million. The numbers are increasing mostly due to Online Retailers who improved their websites, taking advantage of Content Marketing. It can therefore be expected that 2016 will be the most Online shop able and most Online of any year so far.
  • Wearable Technology- Wearable Technology hasn’t received a ton of love from everyday people, but it is expected to become increasingly more common in the workplace. The wearable technology landscape continues to evolve in its complexity. Smart Wearable Devices for Fitness, Healthcare, Entertainment and Enterprise. Researcher predicts that more advanced technologies will first be created for the enterprise and the Healthcare. The year 2016 is fast approaching and so are New Year resolutions and hopes for a Fresh Start. Wearable technology innovations have revolutionized the fitness industry. It can motivate the user to achieve their Fitness goals, because wearable Devices also provide immediate Feedback so that more aware of their level of activity. Soon these devices will be able to connect directly to the internet.
  • Crowd Funding- Entrepreneurs looking to raise money to launch or grow their start-up have a new pipeline of Capital Available. Start-up can raise larger amount of Money online by selling portions of their Company. It will be a new generation of funding, new method of start-up Fund raising is still be implemented in a Full scope.
  • Artificial Intelligence- In 2016, as we all know Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg wants to focus on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and is even thinking of a simple AI to run his home and workplace. As Artificial Intelligence is a set of tools that are driving forward key parts of the future agenda, so this will be play a major role in life. The ultimate effort is to make computers programs that can solve problems and achieve goals in the world as well as humans. There is a scope in developing the machines in game playing, speech recognition machine, language detection machine, computer vision, experts systems, robotics, and many more. AI to continue to find its way into robots as well.
  • Smart cars- Driverless Driving is a coming tech trend in few coming days. Cars that can access the internet, read out your emails, messages, and social media updates put out display on a  LED Screen, show up a route map, and make calls on your voice. Several auto manufactures are already working on developing wifi for cars. Car to car communication will also come out in near future. Safety and emergency notifications comes in your digital board that will help you to protect from accidents. BMW also plans to develop a financial GPS.

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