Top 10 best start-up ideas for 2016


When thinking about the future of innovation, it seems look and great. As we all know Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi inaugurated ‘Digital India Week’ campaign in India, with a view to sensitize people of our country through digital India Program. New Technology comes today and spread all over the world, constant evolution of technology. Here are some starts up ideas-

  1. Box subscription services- Box subscription services are comes out everywhere in the food, beauty, and even pet product sector. Ready to deliver goods right at your door step. Each month they come with a surprises and full of features. They have a full of category as cheaper also. You shop your subscription that fits your lifestyle. It takes some time and some hard work if you want a success in your business. It run with a app also, you give a unique ID to each member and they use it easily. A small business setup that turn into a big platform after a period of time.


  1. Health Clubs- In Today’s life everybody is so conscious with their health. In nearby future big and small brands will join their hands to most companies to open a centre of health related in the office premises. Opening a health club or fitness centre targeted to office staff. Creating a strong, fun and engaging people in this, so a relief and good atmosphere will be in office. It is a trend in young generation life, health and fitness is a massively profitable industry. Office gym equipment’s are come down in market. It also connects office staff where a fitness tracking app is also there in market. It just takes 20-30 minutes. Not everybody has the time to go to the gym so in office premises in near future we will see the fitness centre.


  1. Freelancing- Companies are increasingly stand to freelance and contract workers to fill the skill gaps in their staff. It’s not hard to imagine that you could build a whole company around providing freelance service. Freelancing is rapidly changing lifestyles and growing. Today there are 14 million full time online free lancers in America alone. By 2020, it is estimated that one in three workers worldwide will be freelancing online. Today’s Freelancer has work with a technology. Wit smartphones, video-conferencing and cloud based file sharing and other online tools. Online freelance revolution is not only changing the landscape of how jobs are completed, it also improving the availability and quality of workers.


  1. Event planner- I think everyone love doing parties in today’s hectic schedule. Start an event planning business and turn your passion and interest into a profitable small business. Many people enjoy organizing different occasions like business conferences, wedding, children parties etc and that they have the required skills needed in it like creativity, organized personality and good taste. The future of event planning profession is very bright. Specially for charity shows, weddings, funerals, business meetings, parties etc. In order to capture more clients, spread awareness about their business in the society and create good relations with fellow corporations. So, In future requirement of event managers will always be open.


  1. Translation services- Growing and reaching to the borders of China and USA. Communication is creating a growing need for translators. The Hiring of interpreters and translators is projected to grow by 46 percent by 2022 according to U.S Bureau, much faster growing industry. A big business opportunity who can learn Foreign language and speak out well. Companies and BPO like eServe, Exchanging, recruit in bulk. These Days French and Spanish translators in demand. With the Globalisation in Indian Economy, Multinational coming to India and more and more companies going for joint ventures abroad. Opportunities start from tour operators, online content writers, interpreters and translators.


  1. Recycler- Today Laptop, computer, Tablets and smartphones are using frequently these days. The past few years have been an interesting time for the environment. A time where some countries might be recycling too much. As we all see new developments, innovations, and even new problems in sustainability ventures. We all got through to from paper to digital. As we all know digital record systems generate considerably less waste. We may bulid a recycle office buildings. 3D printing technology might even be able to build house in a day. We also built energy from organic waste i.e can take food and other biodegradable waste and turn into a Sustainable energy. Many MNC today run a recycling program in their companies.


  1. Virtual World- It is a perfect opportunity for who wants to work remotely. As need a laptop and good website. As start from virtual test drive and human minds are actually being merged with computer intelligence. It is said a Real World. For medical purposes the machines will be used in future next coming years and huge creative scope from business to education, training, healthcare, engineering, design, media and entertainment. Users will pick up an object without feeling a thing. Development in various area will affect the society. The future scope of virtual reality industry will be determined by ideas and developments in a visual world.


  1. Blogging Business- A content is a necessity for any successful inbound market strategy and with more and more marketers creating it. In the early days of blogging when there were fewer players in the game, it was easy to found out. But we are at a critical turning point in business blogging, day by day increasing blogging business. It also creates a wide range of opportunity for your business. According to 2013 state of inbound marketing, only 9% of companies employ a full time blogger, but we’ll see it is growing industry in the coming years. Attract and nice content will play a big role to create a market in the society.


  1. Solar Power- By 2020, solar technologies could cover a large portion of global power generation, helping economies and business. Cut an energy costs and help to improve our environment. There are several reasons why solar power is such an attractive energy source. Solar panel, which produces electricity without pollution and emission that can play a big role for global warming. Solar energy plays a vital role in India in near future. Solar power is such an attractive energy source. Solar technology can provide a free source of electricity and Installed capacity of solar panels is expected to jump sharply over the next few months. In solar power India has 2nd largest in Renewable energy technology, so a bright future in today’s world.


  1. Future of cloud computing- Now, these days more software being built for cloud. It is predicted over a quarter of applications will be available on the cloud. This means Increased growth in the market for cloud. Although cloud computing changed over time, it has always been divided into three broad categories: Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and Software as a Service. Increased competition in the cloud computing will give way to better products, services and innovation. It will be more innovative industry in coming years.

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