10 Hottest Tech Products from CES 2016


CES also known as the ‘Consumer Electronic Show’ is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show. Attracting most popular companies and industry professional worldwide. The annual show is held each January at the Las Vegas convention centre, in Las Vegas, Nevada, united states. In May 2015, CES Asia was held in Shanghai for the first time. The first CES was held in June 1967 in New York City. The consumer technology association will be hosting over 3600 companies across 2.4 million square feet in LAS VEGAS January in 6-9 for CES 2016.

Thousands of new technology products launched this year, visiting 1.5 lakh visitors from more than 150 countries.

  • Smart watches – CES is the time of the year when the world biggest companies in technology talks about the future. Smart watch continue to be a hot theme into 2016, while it may be a part a way to keep Fit bit from sounding like it’s trying to take on the Apple watch. Introducing Face time Voice calling and also introduced Huawei watch
  • Hexoskin– Wearable’s also continue to be big, with companies and entrepreneurs literally trying to cover every body part with connectivity and sensors. Hexoskin mission is to record and organize personal health information and make it accessible and useful. To get better and more affordable health and fitness services, people will need to wear health sensors. Next generation biometric shirts will be used so that it measures all heart rate, breathing rate, and acceleration.
  • Lego Education– Toys are always a hit at CES, even if they are educational, which is what a Lego is aiming. Your kids could be about to start playing with Lego at school after the company has launched an educational toy box that encourages robotic code learning. Launched at CES in Las Vegas and available from today, the sets are designed to be used at home or in the classroom to show what possible when you merged Lego, with basic coding sequencing on a tablet or PC. It brings Science to life in the classroom.
  • HTC Vive pre- Virtual Reality was the biggest news at the year. Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user accepts a real environment. The vive pre also has a front facing camera for detecting its wearer’s surroundings and keeping him or her walking into things.
  • 3D rudder- Movement with in virtual reality is still an issue that a number of start-ups are looking to solve. The 3D rudder is easy to use, in less than 15 seconds you master the four movements. In less than a minute you’re already a pro. A 3D rudder has no mechanical parts and uses your body natural balance, because you are seated because it is based on existing feet brain scheme, you can play with hours without any fatigue.
  • Drones – Drones everywhere in the CES, one of the best drones for sale now is phantom 3. Great video quality and 20 minute flight time. Its amazing GPS, and its customer support. In CES drones are the powerful Tech Product that will be inspired to all of us.
  • Faraday future- Next generation cars also attracted a good deal of attention. New electric car company Faraday future has entered the automotive industry with a high tech supercar, which runs on a modular battery that can be easily resized for its upcoming vehicle designs. Faraday future which was set up eight months ago, revealed a prototype of the battery powered at the CES technology show in Las Vegas. This is really important in terms of time, cost and efficiency. There are some big expectations on faraday future.
  • Droppler- Start-ups are becoming a bigger part of CES every year. The ideas span a wide range, from retina reading luggage to coffeemakers that can print photos into the foam at the top of the cup. One unique idea is Droppler, which measures water consumption by listening to how much noise a household tap make.
  • 4K TV- Ultra high definition this year CES proved that ideas like 4k TV (with content to match), virtual reality and electric vehicles. Gigantic televisions pumping out pixels in the several millions have been a hallmark of CES for years now. Meanwhile ultra HD blue ray saw even more support at the show and 4k blue rays will be coming in the next few years.
  • 4k blu ray- To go with those 4k televisions, manufactures will soon be releasing 4k blu ray players. In short if you own a 4k tv, you should really consider Ultra HD Blu-rays, and CES 2016 has provided some exciting features on that front. 4k resolutions is 3840*2160 pixels.

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