Apple iOS 9.3 Released, Exciting Features

apple image.

iOS is back with a exciting features, after the couple of months with lots of excitement iOS 9.3 is released today with lots of new features. Apple has just released the first beta of iOS 9.3 to its public beta testers and developers. Beside a new suite of enhancement for educational uses, Apple upcoming iOS 9.3 release, which went to beta this morning, adding several consumer facing features. The software also includes upgraded notes, news and health apps. It add three new features which we are you tell here-

  • Smart Education Updates- Education is the heart of iOS 9.3. It include ipad multi user support called shared ipad, which enables students to log into any ipad and get full access to their apps, books, documents, and places them exactly where they left off. ‘Photo id’ will show the student picture once they have logged in to avoid ipads getting mixed up during the class. Young students get a more basic version accessed with a simple four digit PIN.

Also breaking new ground in the ‘classroom’ app which allows a teacher to control all the ipads of the students in the class. These moves are so vital. Apple starts fight back with the new version. It will be a crucial battleground in 2016 as the consumer market gets increasingly attached with apple iPhones.

  • Night Shift- Night shift is currently available to developers who have downloaded the iOS 9.3 beta. Today, beta also includes several other important features, including the ability for an iPhone to connect with more than one apple watch and improvements to apple news, notes, health, and car play. Apple is finally adding support for smart screen filtering. IPhones, ipads, and iPod touches running iOS 9.3 will be able to use a combination of the clock and geolocation to track sunset times and move the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier to your eyes. Now it will manage it blue light automatically. Night shift works by using a device clock and geolocation to determine the time of sunset in the user location, and then automatically shifts the colors in the display to feature warmer tones so that using your device at night is easier on the eyes.
  • 3D touch Matures- iOS 9.3 next trick is to extend 3D touch further across the iOS ecosystem. Quick shortcuts for the app store, compass, Health, iTunes store and Weather. If apple wants 3D touch to truly take off it needs to up its game here because once users expect the feature to work everywhere.

iOS 9.3 will continue to run on anything that can run iOS 9, from the iPhone 4s and ipad2 all the way up to the shiny new iPhone 6S and ipad pro.

More updates to CarPlay, Health apps- iOS 9.3 also includes feature to CarPlay including ‘New’ and ‘Foryou’ suggestions from Apple Music that include songs, Artists, and Albums that are selected by experts and the user preferences. The update to CarPlay also feature the Nearby feature in maps to help drivers find restaurants, and other locations near them so they know where it make a pit stop.

The update also features Touch ID integration for Notes. Now users personal information stored in notes will be password protected, requiring them to enter a specific Notes Password or their Fingerprint.

There are also improvements in Health app, to make it easier to find third party apps, to track the user health. Using the new slider menu added to the dashboard. These include weights, workouts and sleeps. The health app will now also display movement, exercise along with all goals with your smart watch.


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