10 Tips for Building Android Apps


As we are in 2016, we are pause for a while to look back. For Perfect Predictions here are ten tips for building most useful Android apps, Appsquadz team follows these tips when built android apps. These tips help you stay focused on building best in apps development, cross platform native apps. The goal is to develop good apps with popular features that people love and meanwhile boost your business opportunities.

  1. Research for Popular apps- Almost all the major app store offer rankings for customers to go to the top popular apps directly. There is most Android application Development Company in the market. Today AppSquadz is in list of top mobile application development companies. As this time Google play is in top of the list under the top charts. First off, before you actually start your apps, you definitely research the market if there are already existing apps providing the features. If there are, than noted down and add your features so that your app will become more focused in future. Visit various app store and note down it will help you app interesting and being top in list in near future.
  2. Design Flexible layouts- Google has the liberty of making a set of guidelines that every intelligent app developer follows closely. By following the guidelines users will not only understand how your apps work, they will also enjoy using it that much more. The guidelines were designed to keep apps consistent and make android apps looks better. Android run on multiple screen sizes these days. Make sure to used layout designs that stretch their designs to fit the Screen.
  3. Keep up with Latest Trends- Occasionally, release new updates to its current SDK, which provides developers with new ways of doing things. For example- with the Release of Android versions like kit Kat came new design techniques developers could implement in their apps. By keeping your app constantly updated, you will be among the first to implement these new features and you could potentially set the standard. It is a competitive world around there in the world of apps, if you follow latest trend than you will be on the top of new standards.
  4. Listen to user Input- We can improve your app is to listen to user input. Users love it when Developers take their feedback seriously and apply it to their apps. To get user input, create your community and talk to your app users because without users your app wouldn’t exist. Users always want a zero bugs and a great user experience. Companies generally use surveys as a cheap and effective way to get feedback from users. So user point of view will be effective and play an important role for building an app.
  5. Keep it simple – 2 to 5 screens- Most companies have don’t know how many screens will they used? But it’s better to start your app with 2 to 5 screens and keep it simple. The more Screens you have in starting the more complexness your app. Sketch some good designs and draw some picture of your screens what you want to fit, take some ideas from your employees, share to your boss etc.
    • Carefully select Colors.
    • Just focus on a unique shape, use gradient features but start with a simple way.
    • Avoid a lot of text.
    • Be creative.
  6. Develop for Multiple Devices- One thing, you may kept in mind unlike Android, iOS runs on a variety of devices that have not same screen sizes. As a tester it is impossible to test your app on every android device. In order to maintain consistency throughout devices built your app a fast performing application. The size and speed of your app can be a break other apps for most users so make sure that you avoid this by optimizing your application. so free from garbage collection and common mistake that every beginners is used unnecessary object or variables.
  7. Support different languages with your local Language- Android Devices are available in many regions you should designs your apps to the local people first where your application will be used. Assume English is the default language for your app, but you are expecting lots of other languages will be installing it. So support other languages also so that a large number of people will also use your app and being a part to go on top.
  8.  Limit Required Permissions- The number of viruses in Android has caused many users to be more secure and cautious with the apps they download. Seeing Permissions for your app can be very discomforting experience for a user. So it’s good that you limit the number of permissions your app needs. There are many apps on the market that extract extraordinary amounts of data from users so permission
  9. Respect User and have Fun – Developers work very hard to make money but that must be negotiated. Take suggestions seriously and work to produce quality apps that their users love. You should always fun when you develop your app, so better ideas will come and you develop like a hobby. If you’re a passionate about your work it’s true than you’ll have a higher chance of Success. Your user is the most important when it comes to building your app. A user of the target platform and know how the platform works. Be a user of your app so that you can experience for yourself.
  10. Device battery life – We can’t blame users for uninstalling applications that hurt your battery life. The main threats to battery life are-
  • Regular wake-ups for updates.
  • Data transfer easily.
  • Make your app skip operations if there are no connections, update only if 3G or wifi is connected and there is no roaming.

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