Give your start-up Business room grow to a big infrastructure


Taking your first step into renting or buying commercial premises or office space for your start-up business. Some company’s start-up their business through spare rooms such as bedrooms or garages are often used as the first base for new start-ups, but as the work grows this stops as being a practical option. It’s a challenge for a new business owner for searching a right location because firstly you’ll need to set up a dedicated base of your business. Secondly, a home office doesn’t always give the professional look to your clients, and its feels a little embarrassing to your customers.

When you start-up your business, office space is expensive. Being aware what type of space needed to run the business today and it is a key to run a business. This is a time when every company expand their room, a financial commitment- of dedicated office space that your growing business will need to take. Even the biggest companies started small- Amazon, Apple, Harley Davidson and various others were born in Garages. Adidas was first set up in wash-room, than mother’s wash kitchen. Another big example is ‘Google’ the founders set up work space in a garage in 1998. We all need a office for having a professional setup around you and also motivates to achieve more, instead of getting distracted by short term goals.

A Mobile application development company Appsquadz is also starting from small space room, now it will become a big infrastructure company. Appsquadz working in android application, window application, our designer and developer are hard worker; today appsquadz is a top enterprise mobility solutions company in the market, also in top in iPhone application development company as well as Android Application Company.

Some key factors which are kept in mind-

  • Location- As well as deciding on the geographic area which area you choose for your office, you need to consider issues like accessibility, transport links, infrastructure and parking. Is public transport is available for your staff and parking facility will be available for the staff. Sometimes your Client will come via car so parking facility also available outside your office.
  • Know how much space you need- As the team number increases, always need for the extras sitting arrangements, workstations will be needed. As extra staff coming on board always you need to increase your infrastructure. In the long run it might make perfect business sense to up, and move your company but in the short term it would be extremely expensive.
  • Know your budget- know your business with your long term business plan. As investing more money can’t guarantee its success. But when you know when you relocate it’s a good opportunity for a business success. You need to upgrade facilities and equipment. Most business companies start from a small facility, and then move to bigger quarters in the same city. Now you provide some facilities, services, utilities, infrastructure or other features. As cost is mainly an important issue in a business decision, many people get discouraged when they end each day with less money so keep patience and maintain your budget with your work. Money is the lifeblood of every business and if you tke right decisions than it will help you otherwise not.
  • Could you share space- Do you need a place of your own, or could you take on some space in a shared development. As this is a customer friendly space so that many other companies will near by your office so a hub will be set up. India has over one billion people and is full of potential. We see a lot of people who want to share space and also start up their business as a I.T company.
  • Timing is everything- Having sufficient time is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people who want to relocate their office. As there are many projects will be on running so tasks will not be disturbed when you relocate your office. Moving into new offices can easily take as long as moving house and we all know how long will it take. If you start your business with one or two months to run it, you are practically guaranteeing that it will fail.

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