Journey From Macintosh to Iphone

MacintoshMacintosh introduced in 24th january 1984, Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs launched the first ever Macintosh computer on January 24, 1984. Later renamed as Macintosh 128K, the personal computer was priced at $2,500. Running the Mac OS 1.0, it was the first PC to feature a user-friendly graphical user interface. Apple claimed to have sold 50,000 of these devices under three months after its launch.

The Macintosh 128K, originally released as the Apple Macintosh, is the original Apple Macintosh personal computer. Its beige case consisted of a 9 in (23 cm) CRT monitor and came with a keyboard and mouse. A handle built into the top of the case made it easier for the computer to be lifted and carried.

January 24, 1984 – the big day had finally arrived. We had looked forward to the date for so long that it didn’t seem real to be actually experiencing the long-awaited public unveiling of the Macintosh at Apple’s 1984 annual shareholder’s meeting. We were excited, of course, but also nervous about our hastily contrived demo software, and still exhausted from the final push to finish the system software.

“The early 1980s. 1981 – Apple II has become the world’s most popular computer, and Apple has grown to a 300 million dollar corporation, becoming the fastest growing company in American business history. With over fifty companies vying for a share, IBM enters the personal computer market in November of 1981, with the IBM PC.” Steve is speaking very quickly now, picking up momentum.

In Dec 1996 Apple, which was desperately looking for a modern operating system to buy, eventually buys NeXT for $400 million. Steve Jobs is named “informal adviser” to Apple CEO Gil Amelio.

17 july 2002,Steve Jobs introduces the first Windows-compatible iPods at Macworld NY.

2005-2011 The Big Apple, At Macworld San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveils Apple’s productivity suite iWork, the new Mac mini, and the iPod shuffle, the cheapest iPod ever at $49.

Same on 24,2016- We are still waiting fro the next iPhone. Steve jobs product still with us and we all are very eagerly waiting for this.

A big thank you to Steve jobs from Appsquadz team…..



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