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wearable device

It’s the time of year once again when the Wearable team set aside and look ahead to what’s in store for wearable tech in 2016. For a few years now, more and more technology manufacturers are looking into the creation of wearable devices and many have already come out with early prototypes. Google’s Glass and Nike’s Fuel Band are but a few examples that come to mind.

With Apple having recently hired VR expert, professor and researcher at Virginia Tech, appear that Google is also start their work in VR and Wearable devices. The search giant is currently advertising a number of positions in VR, including a technical leader manager, leaving many to speculate the future of Google’s tech arm.

Advances in Wearable technology will dominate the supply chain industry in 2016. This trend will be drives by the demand to view key business indicators on mobile Devices and fueled by declining prices of technology. A huge big scope in Wearable Devices in coming future.

 Wearable apps will become more sophisticatedApps from the companies that make activity trackers, as well as compatible third-party software that works with devices, will become more advanced. Wearable Devices the Apple Watch dominated the wearable’s conversation for much of 2015 and may continue to do so with the second-generation Watch expected in 2016. Fit bit will also likely continue to hold its own in the New Year. Beyond these two safe bets, the future of dedicated activity trackers, and health and fitness wearable’s, is unclear.

While the Jawbone falls short of the Charge HR’s advanced fitness skills, it’s a comfortable, good looking and accurate activity tracker that totally nails the basics. The high-quality activity tagging, sleep monitoring and smart alarm make a near dream suite of features. We recommend over its more advanced, as well as an array of more sensor-packed rivals, because, it’s a much more wearable option and it represents much better value.

Another popular wearable device is Heart rate Monitoring– Heart Rate monitoring offers more accurate. It is more popular Wearable Devices these days. Heart rate monitoring technology has shifted up a gear and now these monitors and HRM running watches are no casual Fitness Tracker.

Develop Apps for Wearable Devices- Appsquadz is here for Developing Apps For Wearable Devices, We have conducted Research into Wearable Technology and how to design and Develop perfect apps for this growing area of Wearable Devices. Today We are at Top Mobile Apps Development company India. The Global wearable market is expected to reach $19 billion in 2018. Wearable apps run directly on the device, giving you access to hardware such as sensors and the GPU. Our Apps are Interactive and ambient and will play a major role in near future.


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