First 20 Smart cities Announced


Now the 20 Smart cities Announced, Center has set Aside Rs. 48,000 crore For smart cities plan. 1.5 crore citizens participated in preparing Smart City plan. Number one goes to Bubhneshwar a big surprise for all of them.

Urban development minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday announced the first list of 20 cities to be developed as Smart Cities, withBhubaneswar topping the list and Pune and Jaipur coming in second and third respectively.

The others on the list include Surat, Kochi and Ahmedabad.

These cities will be developed to have basic infrastructure through assured water and power supply, sanitation and solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, IT connectivity, e-governance and citizen participation.

Here is the complete list of the cities:

1. Bhubaneswar

2. Pune

3. Jaipur

4. Surat

5. Kochi

6. Ahmedabad

7. Jabalpur

8. Visakhapatnam


10 Davanagere

11. Indore

12. New Delhi

13. Coimbatore

14. Kakinada

15. Belgaum

16. Udaipur

17. Guwahati

18. Chennai

19. Ludhiana

20. Bhopal

and no city from uttarpradesh and bihar.

A smart guide to smart cities

India plans to build 100 so-called smart cities by 2022 to help accommodate its swelling urban population, which is set to rise by more than 400 million people to 814 million by 2050. Here is a ready reckoner on the futuristic project, one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s big-ticket ideas to propel India into the league of developed nations.

What is a smart city?

The term broadly denotes an urban area that provides world-class, sustainable infrastructure to give a decent quality of life to its citizens. Infrastructure will include uninterrupted clean water and power supply, gleaming roads, high-speed internet, automated waste disposal, sustainable public transport, affordable housing and digitised public services.

What are the hurdles?

Raising funds is the key challenge as also is developing older cities with limited scope to overhaul. Heavily populated areas may need complete rebuilding which will then involve temporarily rehabilitating people and, in some cases, acquiring land.

“it was the need of the hour with ‘Young India’ becoming more and more aspirational. As the smart cities will be built ,new start ups like Appsquadz will be start easily.


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