How much Does an App Cost


Mobile Apps are integral part of life. Currently it is a Multi-Million Dollar industry that is clearly here to stay; the mobile app is the way of the future and also in the present. Today, AppSquadz is a Topmost Mobile Apps Development Company in NCR, and currently running with a good growth. If you have a good App idea but you couldn’t choose a right company to make your dream come true. So choosing a right App Development company plays the most important part in a Successful Application.

There are so many different variables the price for a mobile App could range from $5000 to $500,000. However the Price range will be varies. In order to optimize your Resources here are the five key factors to determine the App Development Budget-

  • Your Priorities– It is very important with yourself and your priorities. A Rule of Software Development is your app will be good, cheap and fast develop by developers. You get what you pay for. Preferred Development timeframe is no longer than 12 weeks. Again it also varies from client priorities what they want.
  • Apps Development Cost for Start-up – $35,000 per month for a team of four, which I would consider a very standard team size for building an App. Some of the largest app-focused firms demand for high prices. As AppSquadz are Growing and our Developers do great work. Android Apps are still much harder to build. The costs are much more for the initial, UX, Design, Development, or Project management. So all depends on what the customer wants in their app and client needs.
  • Three types of Cost involved-
  1. a) – Fixed cost– Fixed Cost is usually used when the Requirements are fixed with the client before the project is started.
  2. b) Hourly based– Hourly based is usually done when there is more hours of work the payment is been released daily/weekly in hourly based projects.
  3. c) Hiring Dedicated Developer– You can easily hiring a dedicated developer in around $1800/month. The Developer will work accordingly your needs on the project.
  • Proper Sequencing – If you are developing the front end of your mobile App along with the back end infrastructure, it’s important that you prioritize what functionality you build. App development is a science based on trial and error.
  • AppSquadz is here – Turn your vision into a reality that will change both the mobile app industry and the lives of the consumers. We are fast and Delivery the project after completion of the project on time.

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