Six Creative ways to market your App

market your app.

Today there are 8 lakh apps in the iOS App Store. A success goes to the who can come up with the most creative solutions to solve the problems. There are many different ways to promote your app; it is difficult to stand out from the crowd and convince customers to download your app in the mobile market. To succeed in a fast changing world, organizations need people to think creatively in a Mobile Apps Development. For Small businesses, it’s almost always a tough call when it comes to bearing the cost of marketing and promotion. Here we are discuss to promote your app-

  • App of the day– You may use App Featured on an ‘App of the Day” service such as App of the day. These services showcase that they deem the latest and greatest apps directly to the user Smartphone for free. These kinds of programs can generate a lot of buzz for your app by putting it in front of many users. It can also generate your loyal fan base from the world.
  • Social media Marketing– Social Media Marketing has been a huge marketing trend in recent years for all industries. Like a Runkeeper has a fantastic blog with lots of compelling content. Another Good blog is “AppSquadz” that tells you about new tech trends, news related from app industry and much more. So these Social Media play an important role to promote your app.
  • Get your users to Rate your App– A higher Rating in the App store means more Downloads. If your users love your app, get them to spread the world. You can target your detractors with your Campaigns on a feedback form, and 5 star worthy app you can promote to the world.
  • Create a Demo Video– Choose the most Creative person in your Organization and create a video make entertaining and informative so that your audience can easily relate to it and with intro you app. Publish on YouTube and share all on Social Media and also some content so that your video will get good views.
  • Run a Contest– A random Person every week can win a promo code to download your App for free if it is a paid one. You can also start some contest for attracting some customers to use it in longer way.
  • Apply For Awards– Participating in App Awards is the most famous these days and it would be a good source to market your App. It can gives you ton of press, Exposure, Reviews and Plenty of Downloads. Although Chances of winning very much depend on your pitch and app idea. Famous App Awards sites are- Appy Awards, Best App Ever Awards, Appster Awards etc.

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