Mobile Application Development – A Million Dollar Industry

newblog.As Companies are seeking opportunities, Enterprise Mobile Applications to become a $100 billion Market opportunity. Mobile technology is less expensive these days, and easier to use in many ways and makes it attractive in all ways. The Apps industry has matured in some respect. As of 2015, there were more than 1.5 million active apps on the on the Apple App Store, a large million active apps on the Google play store.

Today, the mobile App industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and this is still the beginning of its growth story. Mobile App economy this year is valued at an approximate $87 billion, and is predicted to gross $143 billion by 2016.

Find a Development CompanyAppSquadz Technologies pvt. Ltd. is a start-up company for Mobile Application Development. It is one of the topmost Mobile Apps Development company in India. Now a days, Android is very popular for smartphones and tablets. Many mobile apps Development industries are considering Application Development as one of the best business opportunities.

Today Mobile apps are very common term for smartphone users because a mobile is nothing without an app. App can make smart phone ever smarter. India is a big IT hub for apps Development in this Modern era. It’s a time of competition for better provider of Mobile apps and introduced their variations.

We are now seeing Massive changes to application architecture as they build applications. The future of the OS is beyond one’s imagination. Mobile Application development is driven by advancement in technology which requires businesses to have a vision for next few years.

New trends of Mobile App Development are as follows-

  • Wearable Devices
  • Internet of things and Mobile connected smart objects.
  • M-Commerce.
  • Motion and Location sensing.
  • Innovative mobile user experience design
  • Application performance management
  • Enterprise mobile management.

mobile app developmentnw

Mobile Application Development is growing at the speed of light, and we cannot deny that mobile applications have become an integral element of of the digital ecosystem. The skills required in building consumer apps are in greater demand than ever now compelling businesses to take mobility seriously.

Global Orientation– Most mobile enterprise developers today are not thinking much about international coverage, which can put you at a competitive advantage. Once in a great while, a revolutionary technology and platform comes along, one that changes the game in the enterprise. This Industry comes 100 million of revenues and hope even more in just next years.


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