Which Ad Format for Mobile App are Best?


The mobile Ad Industry may still be growing and finding its feet, but there is already no of ad formats available for developers. From interactive ads to simple the mobile landscape offers more familiarity already used to the web. Ad targeting has become much more strategic, and the ads themselves become more engaging and creative every day.

As Ads becomes more effective, and as consumer attention shifts from TV to Mobile Apps.

Types of Mobile Ad format-

Basic Mobile Ad format are as follows-

  • Interstitials ads– Interstitial ads formats pop up and take over a mobile screen, displaying full screen ad creative. Interstitial ads are a reliable source of mobile advertising revenue, and not surprisingly the format is commonly used among developers for a couple of reasons. First, interstitial ad formats might take up an entire screen, but the full screen ad creatives tend to be visually more appreciated than banner ads.
  • Banners– Banner ads are easy to deploy, slide out or pop out from the top or bottom of the screen. Banner ads are annoying – even on Flappy Bird. And it’s difficult for banner ads considering that the format provides the lowest CTRs and IRs. But don’t write off the ad format if you’re looking to monetize your app because of its ease of integration, making it any easy strategy for monetizing customers instantly.
  • Native ads– “Native” ad is a relative term for mobile ad formats that fit into an app ,donot to mention that ad networks have their own definition for a “native” mobile ad format. Native is the modern-day banner evolved.
  • Rich media– Rich media ads are dynamic, meaning that they’re highly customizable and interactive. If you want to get creative with how you display your mobile ads, rich media is the format for you.
  • List / panel ad formats– List and panel ad formats promote more than one advertiser on the mobile screen giving the customer options for downloadable apps or clickable ads.
  • Video– An ad format is going to dollars in next few days; the video ad format is straight forward. Like a video ad play for 15 or 30 seconds. Video ads are growing fast and furiously on mobile, keeping with the trend of mobile video.

Thus, determining the right ad format depends largely on your results and the application. However, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt ltd provide a best Ad format which is Leading Mobile Application Development Company in NCRalways put retaining and enhancing user experience at the top of your priority list.


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