Smartcubo: Android First Smart cube with Touchscreens Developed


A Greek startup has developed an Android 6.1 Marshmallow based smart cube ‘SmartCubo‘ with touchscreens, that lets users browse internet, social media, play media files and control apps. Controlled through a dedicated app, it will come with five 3.9-inch touchscreens, 16 MP camera and 16 GB in-built storage. It will allow operation of up to five apps simultaneously.


SmartCubo will  be a device for Internet Browsing , Social Media , Media Playing and everything a smartphone can give you expect Calling!

It will not replace your smartphone!

Actually it will be designed having the ability to work paired with it ,too!


As mentioned above SmartCubo will have the ability to keep you updated to your your mobile device!

Paired with you Favourite Smartphone via bluetooth 4.0 all your notifications will be ”inside the cube”.


SmartCubo will come with 16Gb built in storage,  Android Marshmallow , 3Gb of Ram , High End Processors ( Graphics & Central ) and software designed to work as expected with our 5 displays setup!
User will also have the ability to swap apps between active displays with gestures and turn on displays with a triple tap !


SmartCubo Will be designed with 5 displays , sixth face of the Cube will be used for the rest of the device’s components! Bottom of the device is still under analysis !  Although they plan to place an 2.5 audio jack a nice quality speaker , micro sd card slot and a high deifinition 16 Megapixels camera ! We are also planning to place magnetic charging surface but it is still to early to know!

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