Design App Icon that add value to your App

blog18febnw.When you are making an app, you’re probably not thinking about your app icon. It is one of the important crucial aspects of your app. If you get your app icon wrong, then it does not matter how great your app. Having a great app icon, that stands out from the middle of crowd, as users will always want more depth, read your app description, and check app screenshots.

You probably have an app concept in mind. You might be approaching the end of your app development. If your app is the product then your icon is the key of marketing.

Here are some key steps when designing your App Icon-

Icon should be Unique – Your Icon should be unique. It’s important it should be seen to all screen sizes same.

  1. Design your icon in multiple context and sizes.
  2. Think Simple and Focus on a Single element or shape.
  3. Your Icon should retain its publicity.

Be Simple, Be Clear – Your app is one among millions in the app store. The icon is the first thing users see when searching on the App stores, followed by your app title, and images. Your icon should stand on its own.

  1. Your Icon colour should match in app colour scheme.
  2. Your icon should represent the core brand values of your app.

Stand out in the Crowd– Focus on a unique shape and object. Find something that and highlights your app’s unique Selling Point. Shape are not everything, you should also choose colors. You should notice-App store backgrounds on platforms your app supports. 

Avoid Texts in your icon– Text in icon is too small to read and is rarely needed so avoid it. Icon will be speed recognition of your app.

Develop various sizes: You need to make sure you create an app icon that looks good on different devices of varying sizes. A well-designed app icon can really impact downloads and popularity of your apps.

AppSquadz Technologies pvt ltd is currently making such nice icons and working on it and We take advantage of the icon’s circular shape as part of your design.


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