Twitter Launches ‘Fabric’on Android and iOS

FabricNotificationsTNW-1200x682Twitter today is announcing the availability of a mobile app for its Fabric mobile development toolkit. The app is immediately available on both iOS and Android.

No longer will app developers need to rely on their desktops and laptops in order to check on the health of their apps, find out the number of monthly active users or the average length of users’ sessions, or discover crashes affecting certain users. Now, after five months of development at Twitter, there’s finally a mobile app for that.

Twitter on tuesday launched a mobile application on the android and iOS platforms for its Mobile development toolkit fabric.

Fabric is currently centered around crashlytics, Twitter’s tool for discovering issues with apps. The app itself was the result of feedback from Runkeeper, which noticed its weekend promotional offers were resulting in some problems for users while the development team was out of the office.

Runkeeper could have asked part of its team to work weekends in an effort to troubleshoot any problems, but that surfaces an entire different set of issues (like a thinner team during the week). With Fabric, it can quickly identify issues for what they are in the moment, and quickly decide if action is necessary.

If it’s a major issue affecting in-app purchases on the iPhone 6, for instance, Runtastic may want to fix that one right away. Should it be a bug crashing the app on an iPhone 5 — that may not be worth rushing to fix.

All told, Fabric for mobile is just about the same experience you’ll have on the desktop. It’s actionable, and provides all the insight you might want when you’re away from the computer. It doesn’t quite give the detailed breakdown Fabric on the Web does, but that’s also not its purpose.

In testing the app’s real-time abilities, I loaded an old project from when I was learning basic Swift and crashed it using code recommended in Crashlytics. While it lagged ever-so-slightly behind the Web-based version of Fabric, the mobile experience did give me the right insight at the right time.



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