AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd – Celebrating International Women’s Day 8th March


Since AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd has always celebrated every occasion with much gusto, International Women’s Day is no exception. Today AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd is celebrating a Global Day the social, Economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Today, Million women impacting the Global economy. Women’s have crossed the spectrum of micro to high growth from supporting life to creating wealth. Still Women rights are one of the most important issues the world faces today. All around the world the women are oppressed and neglected their rights. Today Millions of Women and girls suffer from violence both in peace and war. Across the Globe, women’s are beaten, raped and mutilated.

“AppSquadz Celebrated this day with full of surprises for women employees, Morning welcome with flowers, than a surprises gift by a whole team, A awesome lunch will be given by all employees to celebrate a women’s day and in evening a party will be organise in which dance, music, masti perform by male employees for women employees, to show that this is a special day for you in office.”

Women’s are Self Dependent – As in India mostly in many states Women are dependent upon agriculture for their livelihood. Even though Grassroots Female entrepreneurs are not undertaking their business at a commercial level, they are breaking barriers and inspiring other women to become self-rellant.

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd Celebrated International Women’s day by make a Pledge for Parity and take action to accelerate Gender parity.

Five Indian women have made it to the Forbes list of world’s richest people in the world, which saw 190 women billionaires – a little over 10 per cent of the total count.

Women are everywhere – Today Women are working everywhere, from villages to cities. From an Entrepreneur to a cab driver, she is doing everything from a small part to a large part in this society.

Women are working in Rural India- Mahatma Gandhi once said that the “Future of India lies in villages.” Several social start-ups in India are taking steps to prove this point and improve the quality of life in rural India by providing employment. Amid all the concerns and challenges these start-ups have also seen a ray of hope in certain districts of rural India. They believe that there is a scope of improvement by creating awareness in these areas.

Not generalising, but there was a time in India, and it still happens often, when engineering as a field of study was said to be for boys and the girl was to be a doctor. When you’re looking at really going to the next level, which means you have to get enough funding, being able to create those partnerships and so on. So that has started to change and quite a few women entrepreneurs were funded this year. And that will make a change, not only in healthcare, but overall.”

AppSquadz salute all Women’s in this world..!!!


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