15 Interesting Startups Which Will Be Counted This Year

Spring is here at our doorsteps to greet! This is the year we are looking forward towards some magical innovations, dissolution and many more. We have been looking forward towards various companies from various verticals from mobile app development companies to web and social media, trends and start-ups that are expected to happen in 2016.

We have been going through some big giants of tech-world as there are possibilities of something majorly interesting to happen- no matter either good or bad. Everything is random to happen.


Nextbit is planning to mark its presence in public with its high end technology, by launching its cloud based smartphone in the first quarter of this leap year. The company has designed an Android smartphone with a considerable difference with those of the earlier giants in the industry like HTC, LG and Samsung. Its smartphones will be provided with an access of unlimited cloud storage, granting you the availability of your data round the clock, across the map.

At present, all of your data is lost forever once you uninstall the app, but Nextbit is providing you a high end syncing technology that will allow you to pause the app in order to save your data. The company has initiated to accept preorders for its top-notch android smartphone, known as ROBIN. It will budget $400 to your pocket and will come with a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB memory, fingerprint scanner, a 5.2” 1080 IPS display, a 13 megapixel rear camera, a 5- megapixel front camera and dual amplified speakers.


US will be the arena for the political contest throughout 2016 and the market will remain engrossed with a number and variety of issues. Those who want to do more than just casting their vote and relaxing with a coffee, Brigade is here to offer them a platform for the enhancement in civic action and civic reforms by empowering them.

Incorporated by the co-founder of Napster, Sean Parker, Brigade has thrown the light on interactive ballot guides in San Francisco and in Manchester in October 2015, to aware the voters about the ballot initiatives and candidates. Brigade is also provided with a special feature that will let you know about your friends having the same political views and their support for a particular cause, issue or person.

We are keen to know about how the Brigade will make an impact in the general election in November 2016, and bring the citizens to vote.


What is your plan for this weekend? None! Give a try to YPlan. The company that entrenched in London in 2012 has been elaborating its color on the map from New York (2013) & San Francisco (2014). It’s giving tough competition to its rivals like WillCall, Sosh and other giants with its world class event discovery services. The company is expected to make significant $1 billion business by the end of 2016.

Company cofounder Rytis Vitkauskas told Venture Beat’s Paul Sawers that YPlan is planning to launch “in bunches of cities at the same time, and it will be in partnership with other brands and large distribution partners that will help us get up to speed in terms of visibility.”

He suggested that YPlan is looking forward at other domains, including perhaps meals. The company is concerned to ameliorate the areas that have room for improvement and bring its graph to billion dollar mark.


The company has arrived into the market with collaborating solution between the designers and the developers, which will be acting as bridge. Fuse is providing a tool that aids the developers to build the apps similar to the way designer create their designs in Photoshop etc. The company is providing a tool to assist the developers across a number of platforms. It enables you to edit in a way “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG). Developers are not required to worry about the update as it provide the real time updates to cater all their testing needs in one go. It can prove handy to a number of mobile app development companies.



See the multiplication of virtual individual colleagues. Joining Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and Facebook’s M is Operator. Begun by Uber fellow benefactor Garrett Camp and previous Zynga official Robin Chan, the application dispatched in November yet is not broadly accessible.

Chan told Tech Insider that Operator is based on three principles: utilizing informing for buys, dealing with a logistics layer for moving products, and profiting by the universality of cell phones. Sort what you’re searching for in an instant message — eatery reservations, tickets for excursion or shows, a gift — and a person will react to discover what you’re searching for.

Administrator will need to manage scaling its business, as it depends on individuals to process demands as opposed to utilizing manmade brainpower. Likewise, the commercial center is loaded with on-interest client administrations — even Facebook’s M is a blend of AI and human work. At this moment Operator, is just accessible on the iPhone, yet we could see an Android adaptation coming soon in 2016 and venture into worldwide markets.


DistroKid is a music-circulation service that has brought into being by Philip Kaplan. It enables musicians to get their labor on iTunes, Google Play and more than 150 other platforms. It is being used by a wide range of artists, costing them $19.99 annually.

After Pandora’s recent acquisition of Rdio’s technology ($75 million), the cold wave has gone in the whole independent artists industry leading to their distribution concern as it’s already a major challenge to distribute music without a major record label. DistroKid has made its presence, disposing off their concern and promoting them.

It will be interesting to note the DistroKid is seeking more attention of major record labels and other mushrooming music startups.




Layer delivered its correspondence stage at a fascinating time — pretty much as informing is developing in prominence, individuals need their constant discussions to happen wherever they are. With Layer, designers can give their applications abilities to give clients a chance to chat with each other or fuse a client administration layer. Furthermore, with its client interface unit, SDK, and API, there are numerous apparatuses engineers can look over.

In 2015, the organization dispatched to people in general and made an asset went for putting resources into application organizations that expand on top of its stage. It additionally revealed a turnkey informing stage and a client interface device called Atlas


We regularly take photographs through our cell phones, and the photo quality increments with each new model. Apple has been increasing its camera innovation with every arrival of the iPhone. Be that as it may, regardless they do not have a few elements you get with a d-SLR camera, especially the nature of the diverse lenses. Yes, you can zoom with a cell phone camera, however the photo simply doesn’t turn out right. What’s more, shouldn’t something be said about orchestrating diverse creations?


Light needs to take the delights you get from a d-SLR camera and place them into a gadget the span of a cell phone. The previous fall, the organization reported its L16 item, valued at $1,699. It’ll begin dispatching at some point next summer. The camera will catch a minute in time by taking numerous central lengths all the while and after that intertwining them to make a solitary brilliant picture up to 52 megapixels in size.


Begun by some of Siri’s authors, Viv disclosed its manmade brainpower aspirations in 2014, however its item has yet to show up. Viv is hoping to tackle Apple, Google, and Microsoft with an AI administration it portrays as “a worldwide stage that empowers designers to connect to and make a keen, conversational interface to anything.”

At the point when Viv emerges out of stealth, it will enthusiasm to perceive how engineers get the item. Most clients as of now have a computerized individual collaborator incorporated with their cell phones, whether it’s Google Now, Siri, or Cortana. Could Viv’s AI be opened all the more broadly to organizations to outfit more prominent AI powers than what’s as of now available? Furthermore, if Viv satisfies its guarantee, would it be able to wind up a prime focus for a securing by a tech goliath? 2016 might answer these inquiries.


Burner gives dispensable telephone numbers, however the organization is making the portable application accomplish more than send and get calls and messages. In 2015, the organization started giving designers more instruments for its stage, beginning with local combinations with Evernote, Slack, Dropbox, and SoundCloud. Before long, itreleased another alternative for engineers to assemble their own custom combinations, in a stage toward truly opening up a biological system.

Burner expects to make your telephone number a conductor for information so you can do a great deal more with that remarkable identifier. How it will keep on faring against conventional telecom organizations will enthusiasm to watch, particularly as Burner is working up a variety of custom, programmed mixes with different applications for clients and engineers to exploit.

Magic Leap

Augmented Realty was a hotly debated issue in 2015, with numerous conjecturing about the capability of Microsoft’s HoloLens, Atheer’s glasses for the working environment, and numerous others. One promising organization, Magic Leap, as of late reported it had raised $827 million for its unreleased item. Whether they’re utilized for diversions, mechanical sans hands work, or individual satisfaction, Magic Leap’s gadgets will probably offer a radical new point of view on the world. The thing is, no items have truly been made accessible for open utilization in this way. That could change with Magic Leap one year from now.


LiveList capacities as what might as well be called the TV Guide for livestreamed occasions, permitting fans to take after their most loved craftsmen on the web. Dispatched in late 2015, the administration concentrates more on expert live streams, however maybe the organization will begin including client produced content like that found on Meerkat, Periscope, or Facebook Live.

Live streaming will probably turn into a prevalent dissemination device for craftsmen, whether they have a record mark or not. Occasions like Coachella are now doing proficient gushing, however shouldn’t something be said about individual craftsmen, for example, Adele, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Roem Baur, or autonomous specialists that need to offer fans a proceeded with experience well after they leave a show?

At first look, a posting administration for live streaming might appear like the equal of Yahoo’s Video Guide application, however there’s extra potential for the administration, for example, offering fans different vantage focuses when they stream shows in their family rooms or making stock and music tracks deals. The inquiry for 2016 is: Can LiveList understand that potential?


Drones have turned out to be commonplace to the point that the Federal Aviation Administration as of late instituted regulations requiring these unmanned ethereal gadgets be enrolled. In any case, that hasn’t halted organizations from investigating the capability of business use — simply take a gander at Amazon. DroneDeploy makes programming for these vehicles, giving ethereal mapping. Clients can get information yields without waiting for a considerable length of time.

The organization raised $9 million a year ago and moved its stage out of beta. In doing as such, it’s making rambles more available to mechanical organizations that might need to truly utilize DroneDeploy’s innovation to offer their business with errands some assistance with liking looking over area or investigating property.


Not much is known about 3Scan but the commerce it acquires matters a lot. The company has worked rigorously to enhance the task of cell evaluation and tissues from analog to digital technology and the intensifying the way researchers and biotech companies do tissue examinations. 3Scan is delivering the digital distributions of biopsies and other sample tissues in 2D and 3D by using the Knife Edge Scanning Microscope. The Organization has amassed more than $7 million in last 4 years from the prominent foundations like the Thiel Foundation, Data Collective, Dolby Family Ventures, SK Ventures and other goliaths.


Little is thought about Crew32, the most current startup from Jason Nazar. The organization is centered on the little business administration industry and has effectively raised $5.2 million. Nazar’s past endeavor, DocStoc, was a report sharing administration that Intuit obtained two years prior before covering it in 2015. Nazar took to Facebook not long after the shutdown to clarify the thinking behind Intuit’s activities, expressing that in spite of his earnest attempts, “I got hit with resistance every step of the way.”

Other than Nazar, the organization checks Better Works prime supporter George Ishii and invested in fellow benefactor Yadid Ramot as fellow benefactors on the group.

Not these organizations will be ensured breakouts in 2016, however there’s something interesting about everyone. In the case of nothing else, they are positively worth viewing, as it’s our assessment that they’ll have some real news at some point in the following 12 months.


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